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Typewritten Poetry

Crystal Sloan is a performance and typewriter poet who can create custom poetry on the spot about any topic. She is passionate, convicted and eager regarding the power of words and their effectiveness in co-creating the reality we experience. With her background as a certified yoga instructor, fire dancer and empowerment facilitator her work aims to uplift, inspire and create space for people to feel connected to their own sense of imagination, creativity, expression and understanding.

Spoken Word

Combing music and poetry following an intentional storyline, it is unlikely you have seen a performance poet deliver in a style quite like this. Common performances are 45 minutes to 1 hour, but can be accommodated based on the needs of the specific event or occasion.

Hoop Dance and Fire Performer

Unlike other forms of dance, this style of rhythmic isolation with a hula hoop is not limited to structure or discipline, but rather is more in tune with the flux of the body in regards to space and time – this practice has expanded to include the use of other dance props as well. Experience in video editing, choreography and music videos; collaborations and improvisational invitations welcome.

Dance is a healing and transformative experience for those who are doing the movement, as well as those who are bearing witness. There is something primal in our need for movement and physical expression. It rekindles a sense of understanding, knowingness and belonging; creating harmony with the universal energy flow.

Mixed Media Art

Poetry, natural materials and the exploration of different mediums to convey an arraying visual journey of connection, expression and celebratory embodiment of being alive are at the heart of what inspires her creations of mixed media art.