Nature Of The In Betweens


The Nature Of The In Betweens is a poetic exploration of what happens when we expect life to be anything other than what it is. We have often seen or heard comparisons and contrasts of what happiness is and what it looks like. For example, a photograph may show a happy moment but it is stagnant and lacks energy of real time experience. So many artists, musicians and creatives have explored this gap in-between moments of success and perceived failure. It is important to realize; everything is impermanent. No moment happy or sad is intended to endure beyond serving its purpose. Underneath the intentions of what we experience and who we share it with is a core reality; everything changes. This book is intended to soothe and promote understand for these precious gaps in time we often take for granted or radically out of context. It says there is a bigger picture out there and it begin with capacity of our patience and the kindness within our ability to forgive.

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Dimensions 9 × 6 × .5 in