“Ms. Sloan’s first book of poetry is very refreshing.
It’s raw imagery mixed with an extremely subtle complexity weaves clear glimpses of an emerging generation.”

– Steven J. speaking on ‘No Poem Left Behind’

Hello, my name is Crystal Sloan. I am honored that you are joining me on my journey!

I am a poet, writer, coach, teacher, investigator, instigator, creative and artist who is curious into the nature of the human condition and the core of it; the heart. I am interested in what empowers people, what hinders our growth, and how we can overcome our challenges by creating alchemy out of our pain, sorrow and loss so we may be released into gratitude, acceptance and ultimately; love. This is the central focus and my greatest passion, what Metacrystical represents at its strongest value. Individually, we are powerful beyond measure. As integrated beings, we become better at functioning in the present – and this manifests into a stronger world as a whole. Writing sparks curiosity, imagination and allows objective explorations of the stories the mind portrays. Everything is a story. Everyday is an opportunity for a new narrative. Taking responsibility for what we tell ourselves and others changes the course, direction and quality of our lives.

As a self-published poet with soon to be 5 books in publication (2 are on the way!), I coach others through what can appear to be an intimidating process. I help people to structure writing practices, dive more deeply into their unique stories, and self-publish their finished works. My first poem was published in the ‘Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans’ 1998 edition at the age of 8. I have been writing as long as I can remember, but a dedicated practice of writing a poem everyday for a year in 2012 lead to the six years it would take to produce my first book, ‘No Poem Left Behind’. A book of collected works about personal truth and non-denial. I’m always broadening my toolbox as a writer and hold a Certificate in Enchantivism from Pacifica Graduate Institute, which is a new curriculum focused on activism through storytelling taught by Craig Chalquist, PhD. In 2021 I will continuing my study in Applied Mythology (the power of personal myths) and Ecopsychology (bridging ecology and psychology together to create novel and exciting approaches to the urgent needs of our times). I hold a 200hr Yoga Teacher certification and have a background as a fire dancer and empowerment facilitator. I traveled to Costa Rica in 2018 for a week long training called ‘Undomesticated Women’s Intensive’ taught by Usha Anandi on how to listen to subtle cues from the body, how to heal by releasing trauma, the art of conscious communication, and how to celebrate what it means to be human through dance, movement, writing, silence, ceremony and nutrition.

Joseph Campbell has emphasized the need for ‘the myth of tomorrow’. This is you, this is me, this is the current time we live in and the brilliant opportunity at hand. A story can change the entire world, actually, it’s the only thing that ever has. What we believe in and strive for affects a very tangible future. Therefore, it is important to let your unique voice, stories, ideas and artwork flow into the world like a nourishing river – leading us back home. Not at a later time; but now. Through the study of metaphysics, the nature of reality and the power of love I have found my unique approach to storytelling and teaching. Making complex subjects simple and available in the form of poetry, children’s books, workshops, online courses, visual art, digital content and becoming a more transparent, trusting, enthusiastic, accountable and engaged human being.