‘Using the power of thought to create a better world, one project at a time.’

Crystal Sloan published her first poem at 8 years old. She has been writing diligently since age 11 and her first book was created after dedicating to write a poem everyday for a year in 2012. She hasn’t stopped since. Personal power, integrity and responsibility are at the heart of her work. She is self-taught and self-published, though there are many inspirations for her style, tone and subject matter. She holds a Certificate in Enchantivism from Pacifica Graduate Institute which is a new curriculum focused on activism through storytelling taught by Craig Chalquist, PhD. She is about to begin her second Certificate in Applied Mythology this October. In 2018 she traveled to Costa Rica for training in an ‘Undomesticated Women’s Intensive’ on how to listen to subtle cues from the body, how to heal and resolve trauma, consciously communicate, and celebrate what it means to be human through ceremony and nutrition. She is also a Certified 200hr Yoga Teacher. She coaches others through the self-publishing process, matters of creativity, healthy habits and maintaining an inspirational mindset.

“Ms. Sloan’s first book of poetry is very refreshing.
It’s raw imagery mixed with an extremely subtle complexity weaves clear glimpses of an emerging generation.”

– Steven J.

METACRYSTICAL was established in 2018 with a mission to help heal, evolve and inspire human consciousness and promote personal creative power. Since then, Crystal Sloan’s focus has been to share her stream of consciousness poetry, her drive to provide children with books that teach them deep values and establish tools of connection and courage for overcoming challenges, and to coach individuals as well as other self-publishing authors through their process of manifesting their visions into reality, specializing in healing, life coaching, poetry, photography collections and children’s books.