Personal Coaching

Stuck in a rut? Can’t seem to manage the time frames you need, establish the habitual patterns you know would help, or are struggling to become consistently self-motivated? Sometimes it’s hard to see when you’re in the center of it all. We’ll identify your needs and come up with a game plan. We design a unique 21 day ‘habit reset’ strategy to incorporate new patterns you would like to see results in, provide you with resources for dealing with frustrations as they arise, and exercises that will get you moving, create awareness and educate you in the ways that need strengthening.


Crystal is a self-publishing and creative coach who helps cultivate vision and concepts into tangible material. If you are a poet, writer, or children’s book author that is struggling to gather your material and strengthen your idea, she can help to shape your concept and refine the details. Whether it’s the courage to start, cover design and graphic art, or tying your creation together to create a finished project you can be proud of. She facilitates the support needed to establish your unique concept into reality.

Professional Coaching

As an experienced content writer and marketing consultant Crystal understands that running a business is no easy feat. Often you are pulled in a thousand directions without having anyone to ground you. It’s important to see where it is you wish to go, and adjust accordingly; evaluating your personal needs and work needs regularly. Engaging an audience is crucial, both in person and online. Having a strong internet presence means more credibility and brand continuity. Creating well articulated campaigns that offer your services while highlighting your brand’s message gives you more confidence, more leads, and ultimately; more customers. If you would like coaching in your professional life, exercises to practice, and tools that will improve your skillsets in prioritizing work, delegating, compassionate and effective communication, developing, planning and implementing content strategy; we can help!

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