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What is a writing coach?

A writing coach is someone who helps you through your creation process. Every single person is different. We all have different needs, different blocks or walls we may run into and specific goals we wish to meet based on who we are, what we want to do and our motivations. With my particular background, I like to think of myself as an empowerment coach. Someone to get you on the ball, keep you on the ball, see blind spots, provide you with exercises and make suggestions on how to stay focus and deepen your writing practice.

I want to help people tell their own unique stories in their own words and at their own pace. Writing has been the most healing practice for me and time and time again it is what I go to in order to let out what I cannot keep inside. Your story, or your writing practice, may only be for you. Perhaps you want to gain clarity about a matter, structure a routine, or try to develop your ability to express your experiences. I’ve seen miracles come from disciplined practices.

I help people who wish to self-publish their books. It can be quite a rollercoaster! But have no fear. I’ve been through it so you do not have to experience the same timely and frustrating learning curves. My company is considered a ‘small publishing entity’, and so I help you understand what an ISBN is and why it is important. I provide you with education into the world of self-publishing, so you can be as prepared as possible to release your book and can understand some marketing principles that are involved. I edit interior manuscripts as well as graphic art for cover designs. It all depends on your vision, what you want, and how to get you there.